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Stacey Rocks is a sexy army girl

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Here is a quick fact for you – Stacey Rocks would make a great army girl. Well she would look great anyway, not sure how she’d handle the guns etc. Here she is posing in the sexiest army girl outfit i’ve ever seen. She has the sexiest look in her eyes ever in the next photo.

stacey rocks sexy look in her eyes

Don’t you just love that look? When you get that look from a girl you know you’re getting some tonight. Especially if she then starts to lift up her top like she is doing in the next photo:

stacey rocks seductive

Thinking about it Stacey Rocks would be rubbish in the army. She would distract ALL the guys – on both sides. Who could resist a girl with stunning looks like this babe? I know I couldn’t.

stacey rocks

If you want to see more of her you have two options – click any photos to see more from this set, or visit her site for loads more. She runs her own site – this means you can easily download all her photos and videos in one place and know you have them in high quality and reliable source. I prefer it when a hot model has her own site rather than having to download a models collection of videos spread over loads of different sites. I mean I look at porn to jerk off, not to find downloads then wait for downloads to finish!

stacey rocks